ADHD in children and adolescents

Effects of living with ADHD

Normally children and adolescents with ADHD get no or only little understanding due to their behavior. This behavior is most often called “difficult.” Nearly no one notices how hard he or she tries to be "normal." Instead, they are repeatedly admonished and punished by educators and parents. These circumstance lead even more to insecurity and strengthens a child’s symptoms. The child feels misunderstood and rejected, while the parents feel helpless and overwhelmed.

Problems within the family and deterioration of performance

Due to the negative effects of ADHD, stress within the family increases and the performance in school is far behind what is intellectually possible. If unfavorable social factors are also present, such as a difficult environment, parents who are overburdened, or exclusion concerning a child’s social environment, then the risk of the child becoming violent and prone to drug and alcohol abuse also increases. In extreme cases, the child leaves school and fails both professionally and socially.