ADHD therapy

Multimodal therapy

The earlier a diagnosis is confirmed, the better chances there are for a successful treatment. It is also important for adults to have their ADHD diagnosis confirmed and treated. With children and adolescents, as well as with adults, treatment should always depend on the personal weaknesses and strengths of the patient and should include several coordinated modules.

As distractions always stem from many different aspects of life, it is important to include people from a patient’s immediate environment in the therapy. These can be parents, teachers, or doctors.

The aim of such a therapy is to improve the patient's abilities in different aspects of life and to offer them a new way of life and a new lifestyle. In particular, the following aspects should be strengthened:

     •    Social competences
     •    Skills in school and job
     •    Self-esteem
     •    concentration and condition
     •    Social situation and the situation within the family