How does Neurofeedback work?

Prerequisites for training

Neurofeedback makes possible what sounds like a scenario from a science fiction movie: to direct an object - such a s an aircraft or submarine - up or down while it is sliding across the screen. The only power needed to do that is the power of thoughts. This game-like exercise on the computer is at the center fo the SCP training (training of slow cortical potentials)

Equipment needed includes a PC containing training software, keyboard, mouse, and two screens, a DC-EEG and bio signal amplifier, and a certain number of electrodes (usually 7) to derive the EEG and to control the movement of the eyes and muscles.

The training is suitable for children from preschool age and older. For younger children it is usually too difficult to sit still for a longer time. Their muscle or eye movement would distort the EEG.

It is also important for the success of therapy that the patient is well-resed and motivated for training.

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Neurofeedback device with monitor for patient and therapist Neurofeedback device with monitor for patient and therapist