Neurofeedback improves attention and behavior

Manage everyday live with Neurofeedback despite ADHD

Previously, people smiled at them and called them “fidgety” or “daydreamer”. Today, it is common knowledge that a persistent dysregulation of brain activity is associated with the behavior of many children and adults: the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Neurofeedback is a gentle, non-pharmacological, and painless therapy used to successfully treat ADHD. Professionally carried out by psychotherapists, child and adolescent psychiatrists or occupational therapists, Neurofeedback not only reduces the symptoms, but it also tackles the fundamental causes of the disease. People who are affected learn to recognize and control their brain activity permanently.

The following pages introduce Neurofeedback as a method of therapy. The earlier children and adults are treated, the better they and their families can learn to live with this challenge and to manage their everyday lives.

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